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Diverse and detailed design with a fluid grasp on technical possibility, in service of holistically conceived creative experiences, on teams built and enabled through empathy and mentorship.

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Emerson Design for Social Change
(Coming Soon) · 2017–19
Emerson Collective
Emerson Collective
Archived Chapters
SonicLiving: Creating a Musical Social Network
SonicLiving Creating a Musical Social Network Co-founded + designed the first site to track your favorite bands' concerts, and introduce you to new music and friends along the way. SonicLiving factored in location, social graphs, and listening habits via iTunes, Pandora and Last.fm.

Wired gave us one of our first write ups in 2007. After taking on other work, I continued to advise and invest in the company until its acquisition by BandPage in 2012.
Deutsch: Digital Design + Programming in Ad Land
Deutsch Digital Design + Programming in Ad Land Interactive design, development and animation for websites and ads for Mitsubishi, Old Navy, Coors Light and TGI Friday's, from 2004—05.
CloudForge: Starting a Rich Internet Application Agency
CloudForge Starting a Rich Internet Application Agency Co-founded a digital solutions company in 2003, specializing in web design, flash development, eCommerce and RIAs. Lynda.com was our key client.
ArtCenter: Learning to Fly
ArtCenter Learning to Fly in Pasadena, CA I was an illustrator dreaming of 3D animation, who fell in love with interactive design at the dawn of the web.

Shifted from Illustration to focus on ACCD's nascent New Media program, while steeped in the fundamentals of design and business. Ventured into product and packaging design, geeking out with early 3D printers and vintage NASA milling machines. Leveraged communication design skills to help form the Art Center Student Government.